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Become an exclusive Clear Loyal. Clear Loyals receive exclusive rewards for loyal care to their skin and health.

There are no annual fees to being a Clear Loyal. Just sign up, participate in our activities, and receive rewards!

Action Benefit
Signup 200 Claro Crowns
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Place an order 1 Claro Crown for every 1 HKD
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As a Clear Loyal, you will receive exclusive deals to our Signature Mask!

Signature Mask

Lisse Hydrocare Collagen Mask

- Increase skin elasticity with marine collagen

- Reduce wrinkles

- Relieve skin dryness

- Brightens skin

Using Claro Crowns

Claro Crowns Required Reward
500 15% off
600 HK$100.00 off reward
750 Free shipping
2000 HK$300.00 off reward
3000 HK$400.00 off reward


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